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Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind

The animosity I feel for winter is enormous. My body doesn’t want to work. I turn purple, my fingers and toes turn completely white. They start tingling and then BAM, stiffness. I can’t move. My fingers have been deforming. I get a sad/angry feeling.

I’m embarrassed. People do not believe or understand until they get to see for themselves. They don’t understand why I refuse to go anywhere. Why would you want to be around someone who is miserable when they are in a cold environment? Why do you want my negative vibes? I want you to enjoy yourself.

The photo above is when I was on the treadmill. You would think it would help with my condition, but it doesn’t. I also use citrulline to help my blood flow more and it’s still happening.

I am determined to move South. My goal is to move as far away from the cold as I possible can.

If you have any suggestions on what might help please leave me a comment below! I would truly appreciate it. Also, tell me your thoughts about the cold.



Just a young mom in a wild journey to become the best I can be in every aspect of my life.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind

  1. I am happy to have you in my corner. Thanks for following my blog. When I was much younger the cold weather used to have the same effect on my fingers, except for the deforming of the joints , which started in my later.years. The things that helped in having a good pair of gloves on and doing hand exercises. Get a soft ball and squeeze four times in the day.


    1. Thank you for the tips! I definitely will try the hand exercises. Do you wear the gloves while doing the hand exercises? I have Raynaud’s Syndrome. So when I’m in warmer weather it will help.


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