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Mind blown over this beautiful healthy salad

Hey everyone! Just wanted to show you this amazing salad that was made. It is a gorgeous healthy dish, definitely when you have company over!


  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Carrots
  • Orange peppers
  • Yellow peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Blueberries
  • Radish
  • Chi Seeds
  • Dried cranberries

I personally didn’t measure anything. I “eye balled” it.

When your finished eating it, let me know how you liked it!! Also, I would love to see your salads!

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Sweat Out Your Problems!

Sweating out my problems is the ultimate feeling of relief. Since I have massive anxiety lately; I chose to go to an old school gym where there isn’t a lot of people. I love going at night because I’m not a morning person. So tonight I worked out my back. Here is one of my back workout routines.

Back Workouts

  • Lat Pulldowns ( 4 Sets of 12)
  • Rows (3 Sets of 12)
  • Bent over barbell rows (3 Sets of 12)
  • Standing T-Bar Row (3 Sets of 12)
  • Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row (3 Sets of 12)

Lat Pulldowns.

(sorry for my boyfriends middle finger!)

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Who I am and Why I’m here

Hello my boss fit babes. Christina Duplin is here to share some prodigious inspiration to transform your life. I’m 24 years young with a 6-year-old daughter, Rosa. I’m a motivated individual. I strive everyday to become the best I can be. Working out & eating healthy is a must. I also love yoga, meditation and traveling. My duty in life is to transform lives, help you succeed, guide you through the tough times, and become who we are desperately seeking to be while making life simple. 

Here is my story. First off, I should tell you that I suffer on a daily basis with my mental illness. One being Depression, another anxiety, and lastly ADHD.  Most days it is hard to get out of bed, but I push myself for my daughter and myself. I noticed it had increased drastically back in 2012 when I was pregnant. I gained 112 pounds, which had me weighing in at 242 pounds! I was ashamed of myself. I had let myself go. I was pregnant eating pizza hut and McDonald’s everyday. After I gave birth I had no choice but to lose weight per doctors orders. Which is where my journey began. 


I’ve started a blog to help inspire you to transform your life for the long run. Most of us get short-term fixes, which obviously doesn’t work for long; It puts us searching repeatedly for answers. It is time to make life easier. We push ourselves so hard that we forget what our purpose is. Love yourself.

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